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Welcome to NiDARR

A self help smartphone application that allows you to stay connected to prevent violence.

NiDARR is a smartphone application tool designed to provide individuals a secure and private platform to stay connected to their contact circle, report gender based violence, and maximize their safety to prevent violence.

With NiDARR on your phone YOU can contact the police, other local authorities, and YOUR friends and family, report gender based violence, set off false alarm in a distress situation, and create safety check-ins while traveling.

Fused with today’s technology, NiDARR is a ground breaking revolution towards creating a gender just society. We strongly believe that for individuals to be empowered they need to be safe and secure in their surrounding, and that is exactly what NiDARR commits to deliver. With NiDARR individuals can create their safety contact groups, report violence from anywhere in Nepal, create a safety check in while traveling, and access a comprehensible service database of organizations and agencies working against gender based violence. NiDARR gives its user the full autonomy in enhancing their safety and preventing violence before it happens.

Our Team

Amuda Mishra
Founder and Executive Director

Amuda Mishra is the Founder and Executive Director of The Ujyalo Foundation, a non-profit impact driven organization with a mission to support advancement of young women and their ideas through innovation, social enterprise and gender inclusive leadership in Nepal. Amuda is the initator of innovative and groundbreaking programs like EmpowHER (leadership and idea incubation program for young women) and NiDARR (a smartphone reporting tool for gender based violence). Amuda Mishra graduated with a Masters in Public Health (M.P.H) degree from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2013. She can be reached at

Narayani Gaha

Narayani Gaha is the Manager at Ujyalo Foundation. Narayani have had experiences in coordinating youth empowerment and environment sustainability-related activities, organization management, conceptualization, supervision and monitoring of projects. With leadership experiences in YATRA, she looked at youth especially their engagements in programs and projects at AYON post the earthquake. She also co-led Female Leadership Forum in AYON to empower young female members. Narayani has an MBA degree from King’s College, Kathmandu. She can be reached at

Yajaswi Rai
Program Co-ordinator

Yajaswi Rai is the Program Coordinator for EmpowHER and EmpowHER Junior, a leadership and idea incubation institute for young women and girls in Nepal. Yajaswi has completed her Bachelors in Development Studies from National College, Baluwatar. Yajaswi possess an exceptional skill on coordination, human resource mobilization, leadership, and she has her own flavor of critical analysis and creativity. She can be reached at

Upasana Shrestha
Program Lead

Upasana Shrestha works as Program Lead for NiDARR at Ujyalo Foundation. She is doing her Post Graduate in Women Studies at Padmakanya Campus, Bagbazaar. She has completed her Bachelor's degree in Public Health from Maharajgunj Medical Campus, Maharajgunj, Kathmandu. Upasana is also a certified Pharmacist and has experiences in research, coordinating and monitoring of programs. With her previous experiences, Upasana also has her experiences in working on information management as well as public health awareness. She can be reached at: .

Anish Raj Shrestha
Program Lead

Anish Raj Shrestha works as Program Lead for project LIFE (Living In Full Exposure) at Ujyalo Foundation. Anish is a passionate student of communication and he has completed his MAMCJ from Kantipur City College, Kathmandu. Previously, he has worked at PLAN International, Australia and Association of Youth Organization Nepal (AYON). Communication being his major strength, Anish also has ample skills on coordination, leadership, and public relationship. Through project LIFE he has been supporting NiDARR through holler sticker campaign and outreach campaign. He can be reached at

Srishti Jayana
Finance Associate

Srishti Jayana works as Finance Associate at Ujyalo Foundation. She has completed her Post Graduate in Banking Management and BBA from Institute of Banking and Management Studies. She did an internship at Tewa. Apart from playing with numbers she also facilitates as a trainer of Gender and Peace building. As speaking of her experience till now, she is a good team player ,coordinator as well as morally enhanced person.