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  • What is an SOS message?

    SOS means "Save Our Soul". Through this button, you can send a default message with your current location to your safety contact circle in a distress situation.

  • When I send a SOS message, will my location be sent?

    Yes. But for the location to be sent you need to let the app use your phone GPS. Always keep your location on while using NiDARR so that your current location is sent to your safety contact circle when you send an SOS message.

  • What does the red button do on the home screen?

    The 'PANIC' button sets off a false alarm to alert your surroundings to prevent violence. You can also set the timer for the alarm by holding the button.

  • What is an Emergency Phone Directory?

    Through this button, you can access 24 hours service and toll free numbers to call during emergency to prevent violence.

  • What does Ask Question do?

    Use Ask Question section to ask any queries related to Gender Based Violence. Once team look at your report they will get back to you within 24 hours. Any information shared will be confidential.

  • What does the Safety Check-In do?

    With the help of a safety check-in button, you can set a system with time and location to update your contacts while traveling at night or through insecure areas. After you set a time, a dialog box will appear asking you about your safety status. If you do not respond to the status within 10 seconds, a default message including your location and travel information to go to your contacts.

  • What is a Service Directory?

    A 'Service Directory' is a list of organization/agencies working against gender-based violence in Nepal.

  • Where is the list of organization working against gender-based violence in Nepal?

    It is under the ‘More’ button under the tab “Service Directory”. All the organizations listed in the ‘Service Directory’ are geo-mapped. This means the organization will be shown based on the proximity of your current location from where you are accessing NiDARR.

  • Where can I select a language?

    You can select your preferred language through the ‘Setting’ tab under the ‘More’ button on the home screen page of NiDARR

  • Where can I select my contact circle?

    You can select your 2-6 contact circles through the ‘Setting’ tab under the ‘More’ button on the home screen of NiDARR.

  • How can I send feedback to NiDARR?

    Under the ‘More’ button on the home screen, you will see a ‘Send us Feedback’ button. With the help of this button, you can let us know your feedback and suggestions.

  • Where can I send the status of my question?

    You can check the status of your question under the ‘Ask Question’ tab on the home screen page of NiDARR.

  • Where can I learn more about NiDARR?

    You can learn more about NiDARR under the ‘About NiDARR’ section. You can also access NiDARR’s social media through this tab.

  • Will the app share any of the information I give on the app if I connect through facebook?

    No. NiDARR will maintain its users confidentiality at all times. NiDARR will not share any of your information to third party without your permission.

  • What is a Supporters List?

    ‘Supporters List’ includes our supporters and response partners who have helped us to make NiDARR a safe and effective platform to ask questions regarding gender based violence.

  • What does the POWER button do?

    Without opening the app, you can set off a false alarm by pressing the POWER button multiple times. Press the POWER button multiple times until your phone vibrates, and then press it one more time to set off the false alarm.

  • What does the notification button on the homescreen of NiDARR do?

    Through the notification button you can see notifications that are sent by NiDARR, including the notifications on your reports you have sent through the app.

  • What does the NEWS button do?

    Through the NEWS button you can access current news regarding gender based violence in Nepal.

  • Do I need internet to login to the app?

    Yes, you need the internet to login to the app for the first time. Please make sure you are using data or have access to the internet, while registering for the first time.

  • Will I be charged for using NiDARR app?

    NiDARR is a free service, but you will be charged by your service provider for the sms and data fee.

  • Can I use NiDARR without data or internet service?

    Yes, but you won’t be able to use all the services provided. Without, the data you can access all the button except the ‘Ask Question regarding GBV’, ‘FAQ’, ‘Send us Feedback’ and ‘Select Message’ button.